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We are discussing Honista Apk in this article, and we will write everything about this fabulous App. So, read this article till the end, and we promise after reading this article, you will know everything about Honista, and you will be surprised why you were not aware of this App before.

Honista Apk (Instagram Mod) is a social media platform where we can share our pics, reel stories, etc. These days, the world has become ultramodern, and the use of social media is on the next level. Social media has become unavoidable these days, and one of the utmost usable social media platforms is Instagram. On Insta, we are connected with the world and share our pics and videos with our loved ones.

The features that Insta provides to the users are limited, and users want more from it. Due to privacy concerns, Insta can’t provide those features. So, due to endless demands for those features by the users, the developer made the prodigious application Honista Apk, the Xerox copy of Instagram. This App meets all the requirements that an Instagram user expects to be in any social media app.   

logo honista

Technical Info Of Honista Instagram Apk

VERSIONLatest 8.0
SIZE80.74 MB
UPDATENOV 25, 2023
Available onAndroid 4.0+

What is Honista Apk

Honista is the modified version of the official Instagram app with many amazing unrestricted features that are not available to Insta users. Insta doesn’t provide the facility of downloading media, and we can’t download any pic or videos until we have another downloader app. But after downloading ( Baixar) Honista’s latest version, 2024 (Atualizado 2024), we can directly download pics, reels, and videos easily.

This sensation was made by CON VEIS LTD in 2021, and the 1st version was 1.0. The other versions of this app are; v4.1, v5.0, v6.0, v7.0, v7.1, v7.2 and the current version 8.0. In Honista, we can share pics, reels, and videos with people, and the features that enhance the uses of this App are that we can download pics, reels, and videos of other people.  

Why Choose Honista Over Instagram

As we have mentioned earlier, Insta can’t fulfill the features demanded by the users to be on Insta, and Honista Instagram Apk provides those features free of cost to its users. After using this App, you will see eye to eye with me that this astounding App is made for user prospects having all those qualities and features that an Insta user fantasizes about. With every passing day, this App becomes more popular, and at the time you are reading this article, the users of this App will be more than 8 Million. 

How to download and use the Latest Version Of Honista

You can easily download (Baixar) the latest 2024 version (Atualizado 2024) of Honista Instagram Apk by following these easy steps;

  • Tap on the download button, and the your Application will start downloading.
  • After completion of the download, there will be an option to Install.
  • Click on the Install, and the App will start installing on your device.
  • Create your account and share your pics, reels, statuses, and videos with others, and enjoy this stunning App.

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Features Of Honista apk

Many modified versions of Instagram are made by developers like Insta Pro, Aeroinsta, OG Insta, Instander, and many more. However, the features that this app has aren’t available in other modded apps. We are discussing some of the best features below in this article and I am sure you will not miss the chance to use this App after knowing these features.

Honista is always updated.

The developers of the this app always jump on the bandwagon, update the App, and try to make it even better compared to the previous version.

Ghost mode

In the app, you will get the facility of Ghost mode. It means after enabling ghost mode, you will have an option of hiding your identity while commenting on someone’s post, viewing other’s stories, or sending someone a DM. In all cases, your identity will not be revealed.

Unlimited customization

this application provides some extra features in every new version. In the latest version, you can customize your App in a better way by changing your app screen colors and fonts that you like. You also have the facility of;

  • Enabling or disabling dark mode.
  • Select a custom background for all conversations
  • You can add more fonts and emojis, and can get full control on them.

High-quality professional tools

High-quality professional tools are built in the app. We will not need to download other apps (like video downloader) to perform the task of the existing App. These tools provide:

  • The facility of downloading videos.
  • Reposting others’ posts.
  • Copying posts.
  • Viewing details of posts within the App.

Content and Ads Control Filters

Honista always takes care of its users and provides the feature “content and Ad control” filters. The two different filter options are: 

First, remove ads and suggestions. 

This option provides the facility of controlling Ads shown to you.

  • Remove sponsored ads.
  • Remove suggested posts.
  • Remove suggested pages.
  • Enable anti-ads and advertisers.

Second: post filters

In this option, you will get full control over the content shown to you.

  • Remove posts containing videos.
  • Remove posts containing pictures.
  • Remove posts from the private pages.
  • Remove posts from the public pages.
  • Remove liked posts.
  • Remove previously viewed posts.

Control internet consumption

Honista has that type of system in the App that minimizes the bandwidth of consuming data. So, in this app, your internet data will not be consumed heavily.

Direct media download

You will not need to download another downloader app for downloading media. You can directly download media in this App.

Custom media download

App provides the feature of custom media download within the App.

Download stories 

Insta doesn’t provide the facility of downloading stories, but in the app, you can easily download Instagram stories.

Free Of Cost

Downloading and using this application is free of cost, and you will not be required to pay a single amount.

Themes and UI Customization

Several themes and user interface options are available in the Honista Pro APK that you can use and control in your own way.

Font Diversity

Compared with insta, only one font style is available but Honista provides tons of font styles that you can use in chatting or in your overall user interface of Honista profile.

App Lock

Honista Mod Apk is now more protective than Insta, providing the feature of locking your App by finger, pattern, or pin, or you can secure your profile with your face lock, too. In the app, you can also secure your chat conversation.

Honista Store

In the Honista store, plenty of emojis, fonts, and stickers are available that you can use free of cost.

50+ Themes

The feature that enhances the popularity of Honista is they are providing 50+ themes that users can choose according to their own choice.

Ad-Free Experience

It is very frustrating that we are enjoying social media and ads shown to us. Now, this headache is no more as Honista has an option for its loveable users to block Ads.

Dark Mode

At night time, we want the screen to be dark, not light because light affects our eyes. Honista has an option to enable dark mode and turn off regular mode. 

Backup and Restore Settings

If we mistakenly change settings and want to return to the previous setting, then we can easily back up or restore settings in Honista.

Constant Innovation

Honista always jumps on the bandwagon by updating the App and providing new features in new updates according to the requirements of users.

Special features exclusive to Honista

We have discussed some of the best features above, and the list of the features of this tremendous application isn’t over. You will not get these too many features in any Insta-modded apps. We are discussing some special features of Honista that make us believe that the sky isn’t the limit for this marvelous application.

  • Show download notifications.
  • Set the number of downloaders.
  • Post magic button.
  • Post download button.
  • Copy comment.
  • Zoom post profile photo.
  • Zoom comment profile photo.
  • Video post autoplay.
  • Remove Instagram-sponsored ads.
  • Remove the carousel post.
  • Stories special features.
  • Reels, videos, special features.
  • Profile special features.
  • Direct special features.
  • Toolbars settings.
Honista special features

Honista Backup Settings

It is not easy if we have to restore our phone and want to change the settings of Insta that we selected last time as we can’t remember those many settings. Now Honista has the solution to this problem, providing the facility of backup of our settings that we made in the app. We can easily use those settings for another device or current device later. The steps that will help you to backup your settings are noted down below;

  • Open your app and go to settings
  • There will be an option for “Settings Backup,” and click on that option
  • Now click on the option available, “Create backup.”
  • And your settings will be saved on your device 
  • And you can use the settings later.

Instagram Secret Options

As I told you earlier, this App isn’t a common mod version of Instagram, giving countless features and options that are very handy for its users. In Instagram’s secret options, there are many tricky features and all are free of cost. I would say this App is right as rain, and in my opinion, download (Baixar) Honista’s latest version (Atualizado 2024) as soon as possible. As I can not explain all these features in one article, I am giving you an overview of those options. The overview of those options is below;

  • Activate audio call
  • Fix crash when saving posts
  • Activating immersive add to the story
  • Activate developer options
  • Activate highlight pinning
  • Activate boomerang for reels, creating
  • Disable swipe to direct
  • Activate note option in direct
  • Crop the height of tall reel posted on home feed

Note: This was an overview of Instagram’s secret options and was only 3 to 4%. Download the App and use all the options.

Honista Instagram secret options
Honista Instagram secret options

How to Update Honista

Always use the latest version of Honista to get extra features than the previous version. Updating the Honista app is an easy task. Follow these easy steps to update your App;

  • Open your App and go to settings.
  • In settings, there will be an option of “About Honista.”
  • Click on that option, and there will be another option to “ check for new updates.”
  • Click on that, and if the new version is available, the download option will be given
  • Otherwise, the option will appear that you are using the latest version.

How to download photos and albums within the app?

Now, downloading photos and albums on Instagram has been made easy by Honista. You don’t need to download another downloader app for downloading photos and albums. Download photos, videos, or stories within the App by following easy steps;

  • Open your App and select the post you want to download
  • An option for downloading the post is given on the right side of the post
  • Click on that download, and your photo or video will be downloaded.
Honista Apk

How to Personalise Security and Privacy Options?

Honista can’t compromise on the security and privacy of the users. They are providing many privacy options that users can use easily to secure their privacy. These are the steps to personalize the security and privacy options;

  • Open the App, go to settings>privacy, and choose the option that you want to enable.
  • Like “set app lock.”
  • After selecting and clicking, two options will appear: set app lock (pin code & fingerprint) and set app lock ( just pin code)
  • Choose the option that you want and follow the next process and then your App will be locked with your fingerprint or PIN code.
honista privacy options

There are many privacy options given in privacy that you can easily use.

Bug fixes Of the Honista App

If your App has crashed or is laggy or has bugs, then don’t worry; you can easily overcome these issues. Follow these easy steps;

  • Open your App, go to settings>bugs fix.
  • Click on “reset all configs (fix bugs)”
  • After clicking, all your bugs will be fixed, and you will not need to log in again, as your account will not be logged out.

What’s New

Following are the changes made in the new version of Honista.

  1. Update Base to 303.
  2. Add Instagram Icon to Icons List.
  3. Implement Bug Fix Page, including tools for Reset All Instagram Configs, Export Server Configs, and Replace Configs.
  4.  Fix Bugs.
  5. New Options Added to Instagram Secret Options.


Yes, it works perfectly. You can use both apps at the same time.

No, your Honista or Insta account will not be banned if you use both apps, but it will be safe if you use different login IDs for both apps.

No, there isn’t any official version made by the developer for iPhone users.

We are providing the latest and most secure version of the App. The link of this app is given on the top, download the link for free and enjoy!

Using Honista isn’t legal or safe, as any official authority does not make it. But I am  damn sure I haven’t seen any single person who feels unsafe using this superb App.

The list of features is countless that are available for the user of Honista. You can use ghost mode options, downloading options, and many more that are not available in Insta but are available in Honista.


After using Insta along with many other modded Insta apps for a long time, Honista is beyond all these apps. The UI/UX of this App is unmatchable. The features provided by Honista are not available in any other modded apps. As I have written everything about this App, now the ball is in your court whether you use this colossal App or not. Use this prodigious App by hook or crook and enjoy your social media journey in more power.

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