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If I say that Instagram is one of the most usable social media platforms, you will see eye to eye with me. There will be a once-in-a-blue moon of people unaware of Instagram. We can share pics, reels, stories, and many more on the app. There are multiple modified versions of Instagram and Instander apk is the best one among all of them.

What is Instander Apk

Instender, the modified version of the official Instagram by thedise (from Dmitry Gavrilov), allows us many unlocked features that Instagram doesn’t provide. In the app, we can download pics, reels, stories, and IGTV, turn off ads, hide or see instander stories, hide typing, and many more. As I have been using this tremendous application for a long time, I can say Instander by thedise Instagram version is the best thing since sliced bread.

Instander apk-download 18.0 (bETA) Updated 2024 version

After knowing about this fantastic application, you must be curious about using this app and want to download(yükle) the updated version of Instander Pro apk. You can download the the app from this site for free. You should know that the Google Play Store does not support this modded app. You can also download and use Instander for PC, and Instander’s old version from our site.

Instander apk icon

Instander Apk Download

What is the difference between a clone and an unclone

Instander Clone and unclone apps are designed by the same developer, and have the same features. The only difference is that in the unclone app, you need to uninstall the official Instagram first, and in the clone app, you will not need to uninstall official app for using gb Instander(Insta dise).


In Clone, you can use the standalone app and don’t need to uninstall the original Instagram application from your device. In the clone app, you can use both the apps, Instagram and Instander.


While using an unclone app, you must uninstall the original Instagram app. In the unclone app, you can’t use both apps.

What’s new added


Some Screenshots Of Instander Apk


There are many features that official Instagram doesn’t have, and every user wants these features by hook or crook. The Instander apk, a modded version of Instagram, has all these mesmerizing features, some of which are explained below.

Download pictures and videos.

Everyone wants to download images and videos shared by the nation on Instagram. So, from this Instagram-modded version, you can download videos, pics, reels, stories, and much more you want to download.

Don’t mark stories as seen.

If you want your stories to be seen by some of the individuals you select, don’t worry; this app has this feature in which you can choose people to reach your stories, videos, pics, and reels. Etc

Don’t mark direct as read.

If you have seen the pics, stories, reels, and statuses the person shares, you don’t want to show that you read. This app has this feature for not marking directly. So, the person whose story, reels, pics, and statuses you see will not be known.

Block ads

Showing ads frustrates us while watching videos or reels. Now, Instander Mod apk provides this fantastic feature to block advertisements that interrupt us using app.

Analytics and crash reports

We can also turn analytics or crash reports on or off in this app.

Ghost mode

Ghost mode Allows us multiple features . In ghost mode, we can turn off typing status, don’t mark stories as read, don’t keep stories as seen, and hide our live streaming view.

Quality improvements

We can improve stories, reels, igtv, and photos in this feature. By turning off the “pictures in max quality” feature, Instagram compresses images by screen width, and this option will turn off that restriction.


In this feature, we can turn on or off, swiping to navigate, like photos by double tapping, Youtube scrubber.

Autoplay videos

In this feature, the following video will be played automatically at the end of the current video you are watching on the app. This feature can also be turned off at any time.

Suggested friends

If you want some of your close friends to be connected to you on Instander Instagram apk, you can manually recommend those friends.


You can verify your account by paying only 3$; after applying for this, you will get a blue tick badge after seven days.

Ota update.

You will not need to update the new version by enabling Ota updates. With this feature, your app will be updated every time.

Instander Vs Instagram Comparison

There are a lot of features available in both apps. In this table, we are discussing the most useful features that will make it easy for users to compare the two best social apps.

Downloading Media
Block Ads
Ghost Mode
Analytics & Crash Reports
Forwarding LimitsUnlimited5 Chats
Quality Improvements
Autoplay Videos
Zoom Photo By Long Tap

Is It safe To use?

There may be security issues, as the 3rd party developers make modded versions. This application is also a modded version made by 3rd party, and there may be a chance of theft of your data. Always check whether the Instander is safe, before downloading and also download this app from trusted resources. You can trust us and can easily download the new version of Instander Instagram Apk from our site as we are providing safe files. We assure that you will not face any security issues using this app because theinstaapps.com is providing safe and secure files.

How to download

  • First, find the file from the link above in the box “download clone” and “download unclone.”
  • Click on the link you want to download, and your file will be downloaded in a while.

How To Install

  • Once your file is downloaded, go to downloads and click on that file.
  • When you click on the file, there will be an option to install at the bottom of the right side.
  • When you click on the install button, the setting option may appear; click on setting and enable unknown sources.
  • After allowing unknown sources, press the back button and click on install; your app will be installed. 

How To login

you can login to your app by following ways.

  • Open the app, and there will be two options, “sign in” or “sign up.”
  • Click on sign up; further, there will be two options: by phone number or email.
  • You can use both options for signup. 
  • Provide your phone number before selecting the country code or email.
  • You will receive a verification code in both options at your phone number and email.
  • Put that verification code, and after, there will be a required box with your name and password.
  • After that, your account will be created.
  • Now, you can log in to your app by providing login credentials.

How To Update

Following super easy steps will help you to update your app.

  • Go to the “Instndar setting” option
  • Click on “OTA updates, and after that, click on “Check updates.”
  • If the updates are available, there will be a pop-up; “update” click the update button.
  • After that new version will be downloaded, and after the download is complete, there will be a pop-up; “install”.
  • Click on the install button to update your app’s new version.

Instander Font

I know every person has different choices for fonts—some people like simple fonts, and some like other font styles. Instader provides multiple fonts you can enjoy while sending messages, applying for statuses, posting stories, etc. These font styles make your messages beautiful or everything you are writing.

The app is not installed on my phone

If Instander is not installed on your phone, this may be the reason that you have already installed official Instagram and downloaded an unclone file. The common cause may be that your Android version is less than 9. This version will only work on Android, having a version of 9+. The other reason may be that you have disabled unknown sources from your phone settings. Check these issues; if it still does not work, contact us. We will make sure your query should be resolved.

Why is Instander (Instagram) Apk not opening on my phone?

If you are facing problems while opening this app on your phone, these steps will help you to overcome your problems. 

  • Go to “app info
  • Click on storage usage and “clear the cache.
  • After clearing the cache, click on “force stop.
  • Now try to open the app. If it is still not opening, there may be a problem on the backend. So wait; the developers will fix this soon.


These are the few alternatives that are mainly used.

  • Insta Pro
  • Insta Ultra
  • Insta Aero
  • Instagram ++
  • Gb Insta 
  • GO Insta
  • Honista
  • Yo Insta

How to uninstall Instander apk

Installing an application is relatively easy. However, some people need to learn to uninstall the process. These easy steps will help to install any application because there is the same method for uninstalling an application.

  • First of all, long press On Isntander 
  • After a long press, there will be an option to uninstall shown
  • Click on uninstall, and further, there will be two options: uninstall or cancel
  • Click on uninstall, and your application will be uninstalled.

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Pros And Cons


  • Celebs and influencers can follow
  • You can download stories, reels, pictures, videos, and many more
  • This app is free of cost
  • You can hide typing
  • You can turn off ads
  • You can disable the “view status”.
  • You can get a “Blue tick” (paid)


  • Loss of warranty and support
  • Security risks
  • Increased exposure to malware
  • Unofficial updates
  • Advertisement Unwanted content
  • No app lock
  • Account banned issues


It is the official Instagram’s modified version, with all the restricted features that the official app does not allow users. In this app, you can download pics, reels, and videos, enable or turn off the hide-and-seek stories option, block ads, suggest friends that you want to be connected to Instanter, and many more amazing features are available that you will unquestionably love.

You can download it from the link above by deciding which app you want to download, clone, or unclone. You should also know that this app is not available on the play store.

Yes, not a single amount will be charged for downloading and also use can this app without paying the cost with all the unlocked features.

Yes, it is the official Instagram’s modified version, with all the unlocked features that the official app does not provide. 

The significant difference is that Instander apk is the modded version of Instagram that allows all unlocked features that Instagram does not qualify for. 

Uninstalling the old version is not required before updating the latest version. While using the old version, go to app settings; there will be an option for OTA updates, click on that, and there will be a pop-up shown if the new version is available. Click on the updated version, and the latest version will be installed.

Yes, this app can download others’ videos and post your videos with or without sound.

If you want that your identity should not be disclosed, this app provides the facility to hide your identity.

Final reviews

Instander apk is the best-ever modded social media app to get connected with your loved ones. This app is the best source of knowing about what is happening at that moment in the world. The app is being made user-friendly and has all the unlocked features that a user wants from a social media app. After using this fabulous app, you will not regret it. Now, the ball is in your court, whether you use this excellent app or not, to get connected with the world.

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