Guides to Instander Story Download, (2024)

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This is the time when the world is evolving around social media and Instander (Instagram Modd) is one of the best social media platforms where users are interconnected. They share reels, stories, posts, and pics with their loved ones. we are discussing in our blog about “Instander Story Download”.

Sometimes the stories, pics, reels, and posts are shared by our favorite person on the instander, and we want to save those pics, reels, or posts in our local gallery. Because those pics, posts, reels, and stories disappear from Instander after 24 hours and we don’t want to lose those beautiful memories of our favorite persons.

So in our blog, we will discuss the topic of Instander Story Download. We will guide you about downloading stories and how to save stories on the Instander apk.

Process of Instander Story Download?

When you open your instander app the stories will appear on the app and first of all, you will need to choose the story that you want to download. After choosing the specific story

  • You will see the toggle menu on the top of the right corner of that story
  • Click on that option, and after clicking a pop-up will shown
  • There will be an option for download, click on the download button, and your story will download on your phone or on your PC or laptop if you are using Instander on PC, or Instander on iOS.

How To Save an Instander Story?

Saving the Instander story is super easy. Choose the story that you want to save and there will be a save icon option at the top of the right corner of the story


When you click on that option your story will be saved in your app’s “saved item” folder and after saving you can see that story at any time.

How To Download And Save Instander Post?

The method to download and save instander posts, reels, or pics is the same as the stories. Choose the post you want to download and use the method of downloading and saving your stories as I mentioned above.

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No, you cannot download stories, pics, reels, or posts directly from Instagram as Instagram doesn’t allow it. You will need to download a third-party application to download Instagram’s stories in your local gallery.

It depends on whether the account from which you are downloading stories is private or public and also depends on the uses of the story that you want to download. Also, it is not a good practice to download someone’s stories without permission.

No, you will not be able to download and save stories or posts without logging in to the Instander app.

No, the user will not be notified that you have downloaded his/her story. Even he will not know that his/her story is downloaded by someone.


Everyone wants to download and save the stories that they like most on social media and some of us may face problems downloading those stories. In our blog, we discussed the downloading and saving Instander story. You will not need to learn anything else about this topic after reading this blog. 

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