Instander APK Download old version (15.0 16.0, 16.2, & 17.0)

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Instander is one of the best apps that is used by millions of users. However, if you’re confronting problems with installing the Instander application on your phone then the possible reason may be that the version you are installing isn’t supported by your phone. First, check the version that your phone supports and then download that version.

If you are worried that your phone is not compatible with installing the latest version of Instander APK or you are happy with using the Instander old version like v16.0, 17.0, 16.2, and 15.0 instead of a new version then don’t worry from here, you can download Instander ig old versions (all versions) that require different Android versions. Download the version that your phone allows to run. You can also use instander on iOS.

Download Instander old versions

Here is the list of old versions you can download on your phone and relish all the unlocked features that every user wants.

The supported version of Instander old versions with the code name

These files required different Android versions. We are providing the details of the Android version with their code name that fulfills these files’ requirements. The above files will only work on the following versions.

  • Android 9: code name= Pie
  • Android 8.0- 8.1: code name= Oreo
  • Android 7.0-7.1.2 : code name= Nougat
  • Android 6.0-6.0.1 : code name= Marshmallow
  • Android 5-5.1.1 : code name =Lollipop
  • Android 10
  • Android 11
  • Android 12

Features of old version

Numerous of the features that Instander has while official Instagram doesn’t. Now the ball is in your court whether you use Instagram (that is available in APK YP), without the features that Instander has. The detailed features of the app are listed below.


You can also download videos, reels, pics, and instander stories in the older version. Etc. The downloading facility is not available on the official Instagram app.

Check who follows you

If you want to know whether a particular person follows you, go to that person’s profile, and you will know whether he follows you or not.

Hide typing

You can furthermore hide your typing from the settings. For hiding your typing, the person to whom you are sending the message will not be aware that you are typing him a message.

Hide status

If you are seeing someone’s status and don’t want to show your identity to the person whose status you are seeing, you can disable your hide status option.

Block advertisement

Old version provides the facility of blocking ads. After disabling ads, ads will not interrupt you while using Instander v16.0.

Autoplay stories

If you are seeing stories and want that after ending the current story, the next story doesn’t play, you can disable the autoplay stories option.

Remove lags

In this app, you will not face any lags. This will work smoothly. This app is made free from lags.

Restrict DMS

If you have many followers and they DM you every time you are cloyed by unnecessary messages. Don’t worry; this app provides the facility of restricting the DMS of certain people that you will choose. After restricting DMS, they will not be able to send you messages.

Enable or disable read receipts.

After disabling read receipts, the person whose message you see will not be aware that you have seen his message. You can enable read receipts at any time.

Hide your likes and followers count.

After enabling this option, others will not be able to know how many likes and followers you have on your account.

Hide active status

If you not want someone to know you are active on Instander, you can hide your active status.

Hide identity while commenting and liking posts.

This amazing feature provides the facility to hide your identity while commenting on or liking someone’s post. Your name will not be shown to the person whose posts you are commenting on or even to others.

Triple taps to download the post

You can also download the post by tapping on the post three times. In this feature, you do not need to find the download option; just tap three times on a post, and the post will be downloaded. This app has the facility of turning off this feature at any time.

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How to download and install

You can download and install Instander’s older version by the slain of your teeth only following these easy steps;

  • Choose the file from the above provided that your Android version supports.
  • Click on that file and wait for your file to be downloaded as soon as your internet speed is fast.
  • Once your file downloads, go to your phone settings, search unknown sources in the settings search bar, and enable unknown sources.
  • After enabling unknown sources, go to the downloaded file, which will be in your internal storage or your SD card.
  • After searching the file, click on it, and there will be an option to install or cancel.
  • Click on the install option, and your application will be installed. 

Enjoy this amazing Instagram-modded app or you can also use Honista Apk

Pros and Cons


  • Downloading videos, pics, reels, IGTV
  • Hide typing
  • Disable ads
  • Verified option of your account in just 3$
  • Hide status view


  • No app lock
  • Security updates
  • Account banned issues while using unclone file and using Insatnder and Instagram same time
  • Unofficial updates


 You will not be required to pay any amount for downloading the old or latest version of Instander. Downloading Instander is free of cost.

 As you know, Instagram doesn’t provide the facility of downloading, but in Instander, you can download videos, reels, pics, IGTV, and stories that you want. 

 There is nothing much difference between the old and new versions of Instander. No major changes have been made to the new version Overall, the new changes do not affect the previous version.

You can’t use both apps simultaneously if you have a clone file. But if you want to use both apps simultaneously, you will need to download an unclone file.

You can download the old version of Instander from this site. We listed some old version links above that you can download.


I am using this wonderful Instagram-modded app regularly, and I must say that this social media app is the best thing since sliced bread. Many unlocked features are available in this app that every user wants. Beat around the bush: I strongly recommend this captivating app because I had wonderful experiences using this application.

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