Get Instander iOS Emoji Apk & instander font [2024]

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Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by hasnainkhan

Instander iOS emoji apk

Instander is one of the most usable Instagram-modded applications right now. The beauty of this application that increased its popularity is that in Instander, you will get more extra features than Instagram.

 Emojis are very important in conveying your message If you comment on someone’s post or pics. Using Instander will make your social media journey more funnier. 

We can’t use the Instander iOS emoji Apk on our iOS devices because Instander is officially made only for Android. You could not use iOS emojis until the developers made the iOS version of this app.

But don’t worry; we will guide you on how to use the instander iOS emojis on your iOS and Android mobile, and we will discuss the instander font in this blog. So, read this article very carefully.

What is Instander iOS Emoji Apk?

Different types of emojis are in Android and iOS phones. Instander iOS emoji means using iOS phone emojis on Instander. As Instander is an Android file, the emojis available in Instander are also Android’s emojis, as I mentioned above. This blog is also about how we can use iOS emojis not only on our iOS phones but also on our Android phones.

You can also use Instander on PC and Instander on iOS.

How to get instander iOS emoji apk

Here are step-by-step guides for getting emojis on your iOS and Android phones;

  • First of all, click on the following file and download it (
  • For downloading, the password of this file is 35.
  • If the telegram is not opening, turn on your VPN and change your region setting to Myanmar.
  • You can change your region after going to your phone settings>Region.
  • After changing your region setting, search “Support dia Character” in the setting’s search bar and search “Support dia Character.”
  • After enabling it, you will get an iOS emojis.
  • If it still does not work, clear your storage; after that, it will work.

NOTE: This method will only work on Instander v16.0. If you haven’t this version, download instander old version and try to use this method.

What is an Instander Font?

In instander, we can use many types of font. We can use Fonts like Cyrillic Font, Nimbus Mono Font, New Neon Font, Fixed Neon Font, and many more fonts on our own. In every new version of Instander, the developer adds fonts that attract the reader’s attention to the post and stories.

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How To Get New Instander Font

Different instander fonts are available in every version of the instander. The developer of this sublime app made font changes in every new version. In the new version, they only keep those mostly used fonts and add some more fonts.

If you are using Instander v16.0 and want to use Fixed Alte & Hoefler Font, you must download Instander APK’s latest version. In this version, you will get more fonts than instander v16.0.


In my experience, you must install iOS emojis from the Google Play Store. After the completion of installation, follow the on-screen process. After That, you will get iOS emojis on your Android.

We use iOS emojis on our instander for reacting to people’s posts, reels, status, and pics, or we use emojis for our posts, pics, reels, and status.

Instander has many fonts to make posts’ readability easy, but the Cyrillic Font is the most popular. I use this attractive font, and in my opinion, this is the best font for Instander Apk.


I hope your queries about the iOS emojis and instander font will be clear. I know the method I discussed above for iOS emojis will not work as you expected, but you will get some iOS emojis that you can use. I try my best to overcome your queries in this blog. If you have any further queries, you can contact us anytime.

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