Instander App Not Installed, Not Working, Is Instander Ban?

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Last Updated on December 31, 2023 by hasnainkhan

You may confront installation issues whenever you download Instander Apk on your device. Whenever you download an app and click to install, the “instander app not installed” pop-up will show you. You may also face problems like “instander app not working.” Due to these issues, we think that whether is an Instander ban.

These are the common issues that some users face while downloading and installing this app. Don’t worry;  We will overcome all your queries in this blog. So, read this blog very carefully.

Instander App Not Installed

Reasons for Instander App Not Installed

The most common reason is that the file you have downloaded isn’t compatible with your device. If the instander isn’t installed on your phone, you must have downloaded the latest version (17.2) or version above 16.0. The newest version’s (v17.2) processor is ARM64-v8a, which isn’t compatible with your phone.

And the other common reason may be because of;

  • Insufficient storage
  • corrupted/contaminated app file
  • Corrupted storage
  • Application permission
  • Storage location

Solution For Instander App Not Installed

You need to download the Instander old version. The name of this version is v16.0, and the processor is ARMv7/ ARMv8. Only this version will work on your device. This version will work on both ARM 32-bit apps and ARM 64-bit apps. If the app isn’t installed after downloading this version, check the other common issues I have discussed above.  Hopefully, these methods will help you to overcome installation problems.

Reasons For Instander App Not Working And Its Solution

There may be multiple reasons why the Instander app is not working, and the most common reasons are;

  • You may have the official Instagram on your phone and have downloaded the Unclone file of the instander. The app will not work until you uninstall Instagram from your device or download the clone file of the Instander app.
  • Maybe you have downloaded a file that your phone doesn’t support running. Download the file that your device supports.
  • The other common reason may be that your app’s cache is full. Clear your app’s and device’s cache and try to restart the app. After that, the app will work properly.

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Is Instander Ban?

I have been using this fabulous app for 5 years and haven’t faced any ban issues during this period. This app has been working correctly from the date of launch till today. One thing you should know is that use the clone file of the Instander if you want to use instagram and instander at the same time. Otherwise, Instagram will ban your account.You can also use this mesmerizing app on your PC and iOS devices after downloading instander for PC and Instander for iOS files.


Yes, this app is safe to use, and this excellent Instagram-modded app will give you more features than Instagram. You will not encounter any problems with using this tremendous app. Your social media journey will be more enjoyable after using this app.

No, you will not banned from Instander for using Instander. But, you will be banned from Instagram if you use Instagram and download the Unclone file of Instander Apk. To use both apps simultaneously, you must download the clone file of the Instander apk.

As many unrestricted features are available in Instander and not on Instagram, I will say Instander is far better than official Instagram.


I have discussed your queries about the “instander app not installed,” not working, and being banned in detail. So, read this article very carefully, you will not face these problems anymore after using these easy steps. You can contact us anytime if you have any more queries about Instander. We will be happy to help you encounter problems with the Instander.

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