What is Instander App?, And Instander features?

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what is instander app

If your query is about what is Instander app? Then you undoubtedly know about Instagram, the leading social media app. Instagram was made by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, and after that, it was owned by Meta Platforms. Now, this is the most useable social media app in the world. On Instagram, we can share pics, reels, and stories. Etc. In this blog, we will clear your query about instander features and what is instander app.

What Is Instander App?

Instander Apk works the same as Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download someone’s stories, reels, or pics, block advertisements, or hide identity. In Instander, you can get all those features that Instagram doesn’t allow, and all these features are free of cost. In Instander, you can download pics, reels, and stories, and also you can hide your identity and block advertisements.

There are many other Instagram alternatives made by the developers, and Instader is the leading app in all of them. If you want to make your Instagram journey in your own way, then Instander is the best alternative. You will be stunned after using this tremendous Instagram-modded app.

Who Made Instander App?

This splendid app was made by a third-party developer ( The Dise) in 2014. This app is user-friendly, its UI/UX is captivating, and it has all the features that an Instagram user wants from its modified app. As I am using this splendid application, I can say that this app is as right as rain, and you will see eye to eye with me after using this app.

Purpose And Uses Of Instander App

The purpose of the Instander app is to provide all those features that are not being provided by the official Instagram to its users. The use of this app is to get connected with the world. As this app is only made for Android, you can use it on PC and iOS after reading these blogs: Instander for PC and Instander for iOS. you can also download Instander ols version from this site.

How To Download Instander?

There are many sites providing files of Instander on Google, and I know getting error-free files is not easy. Don’t worry; you can download error-free and secure files from https://theinstaapps.com/ without paying a single penny.

Instander Features

The developer made this badass application with some astounding features that enhance the power and uses of the Instander app. We have listed down some of the best staggering features.

  • The main feature of Instander is that you can download posts, reels, IGTV, and the status of your favorite person on Instander.
  • No one likes advertisements while using social media. Instander provides the option to hide ads.
  • You can post anonymously.
  • You can choose the specific person whom you want to be on your friend list.
  • You can turn off your typing status.
  •  The instander has a feature to “hide view the live stream.”
  • If you are seeing someone’s message and you don’t want to show that you have read the message, then you can enable “don’t mark direct” as read in the ghost mode setting.
  • You can also turn on or off “don’t mark stories as seen” in ghost mode.
  • Disabling or enabling the “crash reports” and “analytics” options is available in the privacy setting.
  • You can improve your stories, reels, IGTV, and photo quality in the “Quality Improvement Setting.”
  • If you want to zoom the photo, then long tap the photo, and the photo will zoom.
  • You can like the photo by double tapping on that photo.
  • Verifying account option is available in Instander.
  • Instander also provides the feature of OTA updates.
  • Multiples of settings are available in “Misc Setting”: you can turn on or off, auto-play videos, hide liked posts, Indicator “follows you,” stories auto-play with sounds, and translate comments. 


After reading this blog, your query about What is Instander App And Instander features will be clear. We do our best to resolve your query in our blog. I know after reading about Instander you must be curious about using this tremendous application. The link to this app is given above; download the app and enjoy your social media journey with more dominion. You can use this super easy app with the slain of your teeth.

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