Instander developer options, setting & experimental setting

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The popularity behind Instander is that it provides many unlocked features for users not allowed by the official Instagram. We are using this wondrous application with all those fantastic features everyone wants from this adorable modded application. As some of us have yet to learn of its other stunning feature, Instander developer options, we describe this option in detail.

If you want to operate Instander in your style like capcut mod apk, then Instander developer options are the superior method. After enabling this option, you can change your app’s advanced settings and use its advanced features. This option is made for app debugging (debugging means the process that helps find the app’s errors and solves those errors) and obtaining the system’s functions that are being hidden.

After using Instander developer options, you will be stunned if you have some development knowledge. Do not enable this option if you know nothing about development. If you want to get some advanced options in Instander like blue whatsapp download and need to gain understanding, don’t worry; we will explain some advanced settings to help you fix your problems.

How to get the Instander developer options

Follow these easy steps to get this option on your device.

  • Go to “Instander settings.”
  • Click on “developer mode.”
  • Turn on “developer mode.”
  • There will be a button for “Home” on the bottom.
  • Now, long press the “Home” button.
  • After extended tapping, developer options will be enabled.

Is it safe to enable Instander developer options ?

Yes, if you know how to use the instander developer options, you will not face any problems. But sometimes, you may need help with some crashing problems after enabling this feature. 

So be aware and use this function in your responsibility. We will not be accountable if your system crashes after using this option.

Some good Instander developer options (experimental settings)

We have itemized below some valuable developer settings you can enable on your device. These settings are in “MetaConfig Settings & Overrides” after v16 updates. Before this version, these settings were listed apiece.

Emoji reactions

Two types of reactions are available in emoji reactions that you can use.

  • Direct reactions

In this option, you can react directly to someone’s message by long-pressing the message. After long pressing, a pop-up of numerous emojis will be shown that you can use to respond.

  • Message reactions

You can not only react to someone’s message in the group chat but also check other people’s reactions to that message.

Forward messages

If you want your message to be forwarded to 5 persons, go to direct forwarding and change the max forwarding limit to 5.

New details page

You can create new pages by providing further details of your own choice. After creating a new details page, you will find a user-friendly interface on your platform, whether you are exploring posts, threads, or messages.


After enabling Boards, this feature may not be working because of broken. The use of this feature is that it changes the format of messages in a way that stops accidental calls.

Collaborative collections: not working currently

Using this feature, you can share your reels or posts with everyone. But this feature is currently not working due to technical issues.

“Discord-like” slash commands

You can discord-like slash commands by

Mute mentions & command & group mentions & slash & direct mention sheet fix and mentions fix.

Searching messages

If you want to search for messages, go to

In thread content search

Direct logo

If you want the logo off of the new messenger to replace the direct icon, then enable 

direct interop rebrand

pros & cons


  • Multiple advance features
  • Use in your style
  • You can enable the vanish option


  • Not an easy to use
  • If you are unaware of the development and made changes in developer options, this will create problems for you.
  • Crashes problem after enabling developer options

Instander settings

Following are the settings that you can use in your Instander apk.

instander apk settings
  • In the downloads option, you can download pics, reels, stories, IGTV, and many more.
  • You can turn off ads, analytics, and crash reports in privacy.
  • In ghost mode, you can hide typing, status, etc.
  • You can also increase the quality of your videos, etc.
  • You can also get a verification badge.

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Yes, it is safe to use only for those who are somehow developers. You also know that sometimes it creates crashing problems.

Yes, there may be some limitations to the security of the users.

If you want to return to the original version, switch off developer mode. After switching it off, your app will be in the normal way.

Whenever the developer thinks there should be changes in the app, they update the old version with the new version. The Instander developer options are also updated as the latest version is released. 

Lists of customization options are available in the developer option.

  • Adjustment of photo and video quality
  • Selection of localized language
  • Personalization of Instagram feed

Final words

This feature is only helpful for those with some knowledge of development and is useless for those who need to be made aware of development. I suggest you refrain from doing anything to this feature. You will create problems for yourself as you are unaware of this feature; overall, this feature could be more helpful.

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