Instander Login-problems & solutions

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Instander is one of the best-ever Instagram-modded applications and this is because it meets all the expectations that an Instagram user wants. With every passing day, the useability of Instander APK is increasing and everyone wants to use this mind-blowing app. I will clear your query about the instander login in this blog.

Because Instander works the same as Instagram, the demand for this application is exceptional and I know how frustrating it is that an app like this faces instander login problems. Don’t worry we are debating those login problems that you may face and we will guide you on how to solve those problems.

Reasons for Instander Login Problems And Their Solution

There are some reasons that you may face while logging in to Instander on your device. Read carefully these reasons and check which one of these is causing log-in problems.

Unable to log in to Instander through Facebook

Most of the users log in to Instander through their Facebook account and they can’t log in to Instander. The reason is that they have downloaded the clone file of Instander. To log in to Instander through your Facebook account, you will need to download the unclone file.

White And Black Screen Or Common Login Issues

Sometimes there may be white and black screen issues that persist after opening Instander. If you are facing this type of problem go to your App settings, clear your App cache, and then relaunch the app. This will fix your white and black screen and common login issues.

Maybe You Have Downloaded The Wrong File 

If you have already installed Instagram on your device and want to use Instander then you will need to download a clone file. If you have downloaded the unclone file along with Instagram, you will not be able to log in. For using Instander along with Instagram, download the clone file.

Possibly You Have Downloaded The Wrong Version

The other common reason may be that the version you have downloaded isn’t compatible with your device. First, check the version of your device and then decide which version you need to download. If your device is not compatible with the latest version then download instander old version There are multiple versions of Instander available that you can download.

How To Use Instander ?

Using Instander is super easy. Just download the app, after downloading, install it on your device, then log in and your app will open. There will be reels, stories, pics, and many more options available. You can also share your reels, stories, and posts with your loved ones.

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Is Instander Available For PC?

Officially there isn’t any version available for PCs but you can use Instander on PC with the help of an emulator like (Bluestacks). The PC version of this app is also available on our site which you can download easily. A detailed discussion about how to use Instander for PC is available on our site. You can also use this mind-blowing app on your iOS devices by downloading Instander for iOS files.


Yes, this app is safe to use, and this excellent Instagram-modded app will give you more features than Instagram. You will not encounter any problems with using this tremendous app. Your social media journey will be more enjoyable after using this app.

No, you will not banned from Instander for using Instander. But, you will be banned from Instagram if you use Instagram and download the Unclone file of Instander Apk. To use both apps simultaneously, you must download the clone file of the Instander apk.

As many unrestricted features are available in Instander and not on Instagram, I will say Instander is far better than official Instagram.


We tried to resolve your query about the login problem of Instander and how to use instander in our blog. After reading this blog you will not face these issues anymore. So, read this blog completely with proper attention. If you have any further issues you can contact us at any time using [email protected].

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